America is Tired of the Republican Scandal

April 10, 2010

General Politics

It should be of no surprise that Republicans in New York State are having a hard time findings a suitable candidate to run against incumbent Democratic US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The Obama led Democratic party has initiated changes in this country to benefit the majority of people. Health Care, education, and credit reform are three examples of how some politicians, at least on the federal level, are making strides to ensure a better tomorrow for Americans. Word gets around fast these days and Americans are waking up to  the Republican party values.  People are no longer willing to support the Republican party whose main interest lies in big business profits. The effects of this: “You’ve got a not-quite-dead-but-comatose Republican party,” said Baruch College politics professor Doug Muzzio. “You don’t have a starting lineup and you don’t have much of a bench, to use a baseball metaphor.”

In California, two candidates seeking the GOP nomination for Governor have spent nearly 80 million dollars out of their own pockets to help fund their campaigns. They are both pro business and spend a lot of money on advertising. Nowadays a good message sells itself; so one must ponder the reason for the propaganda not just in California but countrywide.

The current national Republican Scandal has many ugly heads and in the age of information, there’s no hiding many of them. Michael Steele, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, is backing himself into a tight corner with the debacle over the frivolous and vice laden spending of party money by its members. This new found accountability seems shocking to Steele. In public, the once well composed Steele is becoming extremely defensive and even vulnerable. Due to this, Steele seems to have his priorities in tact ““The bottom line is, I hear my donors. I hear our base out there. I hear the leadership,” states Steele in an article in the LA Times. It seems as though Steele may be making a plea to his bosses (those who fund the party) to keep his job. Seems like a rookie mistake that Steele made in naming his donors first on a short list of interests he is looking out for.

The Democratic leadership driven by President Obama is not perfect, but its intentions are clear. For that matter, the Republicans intentions are clear too. The Democrats will lead our country through the combined strength of many and the Republicans will look after the combined wealth of a few.  You can  Stop the Republican scandal now.  Spread the word.


2 Responses to “America is Tired of the Republican Scandal”

  1. Larry Young Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article, Moose. It speaks to a depravity of spirit that is not so much interested in “Country First” as it is in “Me, First.” One question I continue to pose is how do these rich, white guys who continue to line their pockets with tax money and lobbyist money manage to convince so many of our republican friends that they are sincere? Then you will know why we allow 1% of the population to possess 95% of the wealth.

  2. Steven Geddes Says:

    Thanks Larry. To me it seems as if people don’t realize how they are being exploited. Thanks too for saying you enjoyed the post, a compliment from someone who writes so well. Keep up the good work, there is still hope for America.

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