Putting A Band-Aid on a Dead Person

July 16, 2010


The disaster known as the BP Oil Spill has been halted for the time being. Day 85 (ish) of the catastrophe has proved to be very promising in at least stopping more oil from leaking into our ocean. Many hope the chances of the cap sustaining its position surpass those of Levi and Bristol staying together.

While the news itself is quite encouraging the businesses that have been affected by this spill are well past being able to recover (not to mention the wildlife). In referring to the cap, a local gulf company owner suggested “it’s like putting a band-aid on a dead person”.  There was a $20 billion compensation fund initiated by the Obama Administration earlier this summer for the purpose of assisting those businesses local to the gulf in hopes to help them recover fiscal losses due to the spill.  Once the spill is cleaned up the fund will be dispersed based on claims completed by business.

BP representatives have indicated that this cap is not the complete solution.  Depending on the results of pressure tests within this well, the cap may have to be reopened if the pressure is too low indicating a leak or internal damage.  They claim that relief wells are the only real solution and that this is not going to be the end.   They are in the process of digging two relief wells to help initiate this process and is planned to be completed by the middle of August.

Meanwhile efforts by both the right and the left are trying to lift the ban on drilling to continue off shore digs. Seems like we might want to use this catastrophe as an excuse to put our money and power towards alternatives versus this obviously problematic digging for oil.  I understand that oil runs deep within our government but can’t we put this on the forefront and fight against this cyclic energy problem?

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One Response to “Putting A Band-Aid on a Dead Person”

  1. Lawrence Young Says:

    Most leading liberal writers have suggested the same thing. Why continue on? The Gulf Coast is ruined. Nigeria lives daily with a similar nightmare and Australia too. These aren’t freak accidents. They are becoming common. We need alternatives and we need them before the big money interests treat us as expendable.

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